Real estate investment generates

solid profits annually

ROI can easily reach %7.5 to %10 annually

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Property Investment

Stable, Profitable & Safe

Prime Locations

Europe, East Asia & Middle East

Assets from $100K

Up to 10% stable annual yeild

Full Support

Legal Advice & Up to 50% Funding

This is why you should invest in premium properties

We only bring you the hottest assets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East

Large variety of real estate investment types

Increase in premium assets value is higher

24/7 property management services

High monthly profits & stable ROI

Why choose us?

The Experience

Over 15 years of running real estate business around the globe

Arabic Customer Support

You matter to us! Therefore, we assign an agent who speaks to you in Arabic

Premium Properties

With our expertise, you will generate high profits on premium properties

No Paper Work

Because we will handle the bureaucracy on your behalf

Property Comparison

Here’s how we compare investments in properties based on their locations

New York

  • Monthly Rent: $22,800

  • Monthly Management Fee: $1,650

  • Estimated Annual ROI: 9.35% – 13.5%

  • *Based on properties that was sold this year


  • Monthly Rent: $11,4500

  • Monthly Management Fees: $465

  • Estimated Annual ROI: 6.5% – 9%

  • *Based on properties that was sold last year


  • Monthly Rent: $6,200

  • Monthly Management Fee: N/A

  • Estimated Annual ROI: 5.5% – 8.5%

  • *Properties in this area are considered to be residential


  • Monthly Rent: N/A

  • Monthly Management Fees: $2,450

  • Estimated Annual ROI: 11% – 14.5%

  • *This type of property is for short term rentals. Contact us to learn more

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